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‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: Looking back on Point Edward’s past


By BOB McCARTHY In the Sarnia Canadian Observer of July 18, 1925, there was an article headlined “dapper young villagers of 1875 didn’t wear balloon trousers and they didn’t have any eight lunged gas contraptions.” The following dialogue is based on information from that article. Dapper Young Villager “Grandpa, what was it like around […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: Even Hallowe’en stories can have an historical connection


By BOB McCARTHY Two nights from now, it will be Devil’s night and the following evening it will be Hallowe’en. What is the probable origin of Hallowe’en? In the British Isles of ancient times and especially for those who followed Celtic beliefs, there were only two seasons. Winter ran from November 1 to April […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: our connection to early women’s movement

murphy_big 1985

By BOB McCARTHY Many women over the years have spoken out and worked on behalf of equality for all women in all parts of Canada. At least one of these women has a Lambton connection. Emily Gowan Ferguson, (born 14 March 1868 in Cookstown, Ontario), one of six children of Isaac and Emily Ferguson, […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: introducing Levi Causley and a day when water was delivered by carts

Sarnia 1870-b

By BOB McCARTHY The source of drinking water here along the St. Clair has always been from the river itself. The Sarnia Waterworks, built in Point Edward in 1913 and razed during the 1970s, made water readily available through pumps at individual homes. Before that, the source of supply was handled in a much […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: the story of two ships named Empire

Polysar $10 bill

By BOB McCARTHY There have been two ships named Empire that have sailed the Great Lakes. Let’s listen in as an old salt reminisces about both ships as he watches one of them founder as she passed Point Edward one sad day in 1916. TWO EMPIRES “Such a shame! Such an ignoble death for […]

St. Patrick’s High School students/staff open ‘forgotten’ time capsule from 1982

time capsule uveiling

Thanks a diligent construction worker who "stumbled" upon what he realized was a hard enough object to mean something more than a piece of rock or some other debris. It turns out the unearthing, which occurred in the garden area of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, was actually a time capsule, laid there by […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: William Watson, centenarian

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By BOB McCARTHY Over the years, there have been a few Lambton residents who reached 100 years of age. One of them was William Watson who was interviewed by the Watford-Guide Advocate on the occasion of his 100th Birthday. A few days later, a story appeared in the weekly newspaper. How might Mister Watson […]

Charlie Fairbank inducted into Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame

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Lambton's longest oil producing family now has two family members in the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame. At an induction gala dinner last week in Calgary, Charlie Fairbank accepted a crystal award and was acknowledged by the crowd of 350 guests as the country's newest member of the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame.  In 1997, […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: Conversation with Alexander Mackenzie continues . . .


By BOB McCARTHY Last week, we began a visit with Alexander Mackenzie during the last few months of 1878. The second part of this conversation follows. Meeting Alexander Mackenzie – October 1878 (Part two)  “Welcome back, my new friend.  When we last spoke, I had answered a question of yours about politics back in […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: A ‘conversation’ with the Rt. Hon. Alexander Mackenzie


By BOB McCARTHY During the 1860's, Canada began to see two men of Scottish descent begin to dominate politics provincially and as a lead-in to Confederation which took place in 1867.  Even though John A. MacDonald and Alexander Mackenzie were both born in the same country, they were two very different politicians.  MacDonald believed […]