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OPINION: The real issue in the Ray Rice saga


By JON MAILLET First off, yes…what Ray Rice did was certainly a terrible thing, it shouldn’t have happened, and hopefully won’t again. However, what the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens have done is far worse. No matter what you think of Ray Rice, he at least has accepted responsibility for his actions, has not tried […]

OPINION: Fighting, headshots and the rules that change as a result

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By JON MAILLET Last week OHL Commissioner David Branch released some new rule changes addressing staged fights and head hits in the Ontario Hockey League. It is no secret that Branch has targeted fighting in recent years, and given the attention to concussions, has been met with some fanfare. Granted, this issue of fighting is […]

Has the megalithic GTA become a tipping point for action by the rest of the province?

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OPINION by MATT McEACHRAN Did you know Toronto’s population is projected to be 9 million people in just over 20 years? Startling but true, according to Ontario Ministry of Finance projections. Over 100,000 people move into the GTA annually.  That’s almost the entire population of Sarnia Lambton moving to “Toronto” every year. Over half the […]

OPINION: ‘Free health care’ may come with (another) hidden price


OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN This column has previously exposed shocking incidents of patients being refused care by Canada’s health care system.  You know, the system that provides “free” health care for all? Well hold on to your hats because here comes another bag on the trash heap called friendly government service and quality, caring health […]

OPINION: Proud to be a member of a community that ‘listens’ and acts

By DAVID BURROWS I had the privilege of attending an important presentation at the Lambton Inn this past Thursday morning. When I say privilege I don’t mean that it was an “invite only.” It is simply the privilege of being a citizen in a community that asks for our opinion and invites all of us […]

OPINION: ‘No balls for soccer’ prank may have hit home

OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN Recent headline on CBC’s website: “To ensure every child wins, Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer” “We want our children to grow up learning that sport is not about competition, rather it’s about using your imagination.  If you imagine you are good at soccer, then, you are” continued the story. […]

OPINION: Musings about ‘free’ health care

OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN How much do you pay in health care costs each year?  No really, think about it.  What’s your guess? If you said “free” you are of course wrong.  If you said “$11,000” per year, then shut the front door, you’re right. According to a recently released study by the Fraser Institute, […]

OPINION: Here’s an idea we can all get behind—a Caribbean province

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Opinion: By MATT McEACHRAN Seriously Canada, it’s time to stop talking about and just do it! Granted, that statement could apply to a lot of topics that we as a nation have tossed around for years, but today it’s being applied to the Turks & Caicos. Yes that’s right, Canadian Caribbean. Who doesn’t like the […]

OPINION: By election results reveal a dislike for PC leader, not a love for Liberals

OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN Who doesn’t love a summer sunset over Lake Huron?  The sun casts a gorgeous orangey-yellow glow over everything in its path as it slowly sinks over the calm, blue waters.  It’s spectacular in its simple beauty. That is not the electoral mood in Ontario. The voting disposition of Ontario voters is […]

OPINION: Welcome to the dead frog economy


OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN When my son was young he loved frogs. He spent a lot of time searching the tall grass and flower bushes around our yard for them. He loved to pick them up and carry them around the yard with him while he played. One day after playing outside he came in […]