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Opinion: All about the truth of guns

gun control

OPINION: By Matt McEachran Piers Morgan has been riding a wave of ratings as of late, cashing in on the gun debate raging across the U.S. and to a certain extent, Canada.  Alex Jones was apparently the number one term on Twitter the night after his interview with Piers, and a host of celebrities have [...]

OPINION: School tragedy could be ticking time bomb right here

OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN What would you say if someone told you that children in our Lambton Kent district routinely disrespect teachers and principals, without consequences?  That kids in your child’s schools have threatened or actually committed violent acts against fellow students or teachers?  And in many cases, if not most cases, these same kids [...]

Opinion: Is hockey at all levels in trouble?

hockey fighting

OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN The latest NHL lock-out is proving what a growing number of hockey fans have been secretly wondering; yes we can actually live without hockey. And even worse for the greatest sport in Canada, it appears that many of us in certain markets can live without watching nearly any hockey at all, [...]

OPINION: Action needs to be taken on coyotes roaming area


  OPINION By MATT McEACRAN How many pets have to be eaten before any action is taken on the coyotes roaming around?  Or are we just going to keep hearing that there’s nothing that can be done by anyone? I’m guessing the latter. So far the best answer I’ve heard is from the Ministry of [...]

Canadian MMA served up hot, The Score Fighting Series delivers adrenalin-fueled ‘Friday Night at the Fights’

theScore Fighting Series returned to RBC Centre in Sarnia on Friday, September 19, 2012

Photography provided by and is copyright theScore Fighting Series Story and review written by Joe Burd The Score Fighting Series MMA was back at RBC Centre over the weekend – for the second time in less than a year. The fight night exceeded expectations, delivering six hours of the some of the best world-class adrenaline-fueled [...]

OPINION: Three myths about gun control that are killing people

OPINION: Three myths about gun control that are killing people

OPINION: By Matt McEachran Since you were a kid, would you say gun crime has gone up or down in Canada? The recent shooting at the PQ victory party in Quebec was a shocking reminder that gun crime seems to be everywhere. How is this even possible many wondered, Quebec still has a gun registry! [...]

The Rocket Man touched down at Sarnia’s RBC Centre last night, gave a royal performance of greatest hits

Elton John on stage at Sarnia's RBC Centre on Friday, September 8, 2012

Photographs by Kerry Belliveau of Kerry’s Klips Photography Review written by Joe Burd and Kerry Belliveau Like a candle in the wind – or more likened to an Olympic torch – Sir Elton John’s light shined bright last night at Sarnia’s RBC Centre, bringing our fair city four decades of his internationally acclaimed, award-winning music. [...]

Power Supply gives champion’s performance as they rocked the Duc D’Orleans up and down St. Clair River

Power Supply rock the Duc D'Orleans August 26

In recent years, Sarnia has clearly become synonymous with large music festivals such as Rogers Bayfest and the annual live music charity bash Get The Ball Rolling, both extravaganzas that not only bring some of the biggest stars in music to town, but also give opportunity to rising stars by showing off sensational home grown [...]

OPINION: Massive debt leads to hard choices we shouldn’t be having to make


  OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN The funny thing about spending yourself into massive debt is there is no money left for anything.  Who knew? And that friends, is where we find ourselves. By now you’ve likely heard the story of a local family desperate for help to care for their child who has severe physical [...]

Bayfest: Hedley, Simple Plan and The Offspring; rain and mud, die hard fans, great memories and generosity highlight final day

Hedley headlined Rogers Bayfest afternoon show on final day of festival

Photography provided courtesy of Kerry Belliveau. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." ~William Shakespeare This is a quote that came to mind as Rogers Bayfest 2012 wrapped up late Sunday night. That's it folks. It was truly a phenomenal 4-day weekend flanked with astounding talent, unparalleled music, great food and cold beer, [...]