Church adds Sunday service after decade of Saturdays

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When Lighthouse Community Church first opened its doors in September 2000, they were rented portals—from hospitable churches that had their own Sunday morning gatherings.

Bottom line: Saturdays became the norm for Lighthouse members.
A year ago, coincident with the purchase of a former United Church building at the corner of Parker St. and Nelson in Sarnia, Lighthouse leadership team members began thinking about adding a Sunday morning gathering.
For Pastor Glenn Peterson, who has lead the congregation for the last five years, the time is right to do just that—starting on a trial basis on Sundays leading up to Christmas.
"Yes, we've gathered on Saturday nights, but that's not church," said Peterson. "Church is not a 'gathering' but people doing life together, encouraging one another to love God, live in community and serve the world—24/7."
Indeed, Lighthouse's vision—Love, Live, Serve—is often displayed on the large screen projector at the front of the Parker Street main gathering room.
"We care a lot about people," added Peterson, "especially people who have been 'burned' by Christianity. We'll be the church wherever or whenever, and in this case it's giving people an additional opportunity to connect on a Sunday morning."
The church meets Saturday nights at 6:30 and Sunday mornings at 10 and has a website at

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