Day three of The Storm. The Canadian Forces has been called in to help

petrolia snow

A Hercules C-130 and two Griffon helicopters have taken off from London Airport and are now surveying the situation over highway 402 where more than 300 motorists have been stranded by a vicious winter storm.

The aircraft are looking for a place to land in order to start plucking the motorists from the highway.

The military was called in to help last night after Lambton Warden Steve Arnold declared a State of Emergency

The entire length of the highway, between Sarnia and London, remains closed as a result this vicious storm that began brewing on Sunday morning.

Meantime, warming centres remain open at the Shores Recreation Centre in Forest, the Community Hall and Fire department in Warwick, the Legion in Wyoming and Watford's Centennial Hall and the Sunset Golf Course on London Line in east Sarnia for those who can make to any of those locations safely.

Hydro One says more than 1,500 customers are without power and they could remain that way until later today or even tonight.

The affected area ranges from inland near Mooretown to Brigden and Inwood and south to the areas in and around Oil City and Oil Springs.

Warming centres have also been opened in Oil Springs and Inwood for residents in those communities who have had to endure a dark, cold night.

Today is another day off for students. All schools are closed again in Sarnia-Lambton

And, all exams and classes at Lambton College have also been cancelled today.

A snowsquall warning remains posted for the Sarnia and Petrolia areas, but the latest weather radar shows the system moving farther to the east.


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