Farmers’ Market brings big bucks to Petrolia

A staff report in Petrolia says the new community Farmers' Market, just north of the town's public library, generated an estimated $1.3 million in economic spinoff and created 15 seasonal jobs this year.

The market was open each Saturday for 23 weeks between May and October.
The report also indicated that revenue nearly doubled to just over $160,000.
While the vast majority of the 36,000 visitors to the market were from the immediate area, about 20 per cent of patrons came from farther afield, including Kitchener, Kincardine and Windsor, the report stated.
"I would say the market was an amazing success," said Sandy Mason, Petrolia Farmers' Market Coordinator, during a brief presentation to town council on Monday.
The proposed dates for 2011 are from May 28-October 22, (Saturdays only) with the possibility of expanding to a mid-week evening market as well.

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