Grade 5 students get lessons in ‘safe behaviours’

paramedics river city

A long-standing program organized by the Lambton Drug Awareness Action Committee, in cooperation with the RCMP, came to town this week, holding a series of so-called "pit stops" in its Racing Against Drugs program.

The sessions, held at the River City Community Centre on Mitton Street, included a student competition involving an interactive video race track, the objective being to help grade 5 and 6 students understand the importance of being and staying in control.

But drugs wasn't the only emphasis of the event.

A display hosted by two Lambton County paramedics and a student from the paramedic program at Lambton College, demonstrated some of their lifesaving equipment and spoke to students about the need to call for help when needed.

Paramedic Christina Caron said her display was meant to educate students on staying safe, perhaps avoiding the need for a 911 call.

"But we also tell students not to be afraid to use 911 when they need it," added Caron, who said other "stay safe" messages include the need to wear helmets and seat belts.

Other safe messages for students included dealing with the Internet, the consequences of bad choices, dangers of smoking and drugs and the hazards of piercings and tattoos.

The program has run across Ontario since 1993, involving as many as 30,000 students a year.. Local partners include the OPP and the Lambton Health Unit.


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