OPP lay charges of careless driving on driver of highway rig after 402 closure

The driver of a highway tractor trailer who OPP say attempted to pass another tractor trailer in “slippery, snow-covered” road conditions on the westbound lanes of Highway 402 east of Nauvoo Road is facing a charge of careless driving.

The incident, which occurred about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, included the driver charged, 67-year-old David Wapshaw of Delhi, clipping the front corner of a second transport then skidding into the second truck.

OPP officers say that caused the driver of the second tractor trailer to also skid, jack knifing the trailer and blocking the westbound lanes of the highway.

The driver of the first vehicle ended up in the north ditch of the roadway.

As a result, the westbound lanes of the 402 between Kerwood and Nauvoo were closed for nearly four hours while wreckers removed the vehicles.

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