Sarnia Council may ask to reduce city staff through attrition

Lambton Shield

If Sarnia City Councillor Mike Kelch has his way, no vacant positions will be filled in the city (including police and fire) without carefully examining whether they're absolutely necessary.
In a notice of motion at council's last meeting of its four-year term on Nov. 15, 2010, Kelch said he hoped the initiative will result in city staff reporting to council on progress toward reducing staff numbers through attrition.
"We've never done this," said Kelch. "We've chewed around the edges before but it's never been a full-court press. Now it will be."
Kelch said prior to the council meeting that he has no fixed number in mind for a goal, one reason he doesn't know how many city workers will leave over the next four-year term of council.
That's the tough thing about plugging in a number," acknowledged Kelch. "But over the four years, you can start adjusting a little as you see your progress being made."
Kelch will make the motion at the council's Dec. 6, 2010 inaugural meeting.

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