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‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: The hotel that never rented a room

oil springs oil field

  By BOB McCARTHY By 1865, following the discovery of oil, the village of Oil Springs had become a leading centre of trade and commerce, with a population exceeding 4,000. In comparison, Port Sarnia, in 1861, was home to only 2,091 residents. In Oil Springs, at the best of times, there were 12 large […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: the beginning of Sarnia’s airport

snowbird (5)

  By BOB McCARTHY Did you know that there was a Hadfield connection with the Sarnia Airport long before Chris Hadfield became one of Canada’s astronauts? I will tell you about that in a moment, but first let me tell you about the early days of the Sarnia Airport. In 1951, William Moon moved […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: How our county got its name

John George Lambton

  By BOB McCARTHY The area now known as Lambton County was at first a part of the District of Hesse and later a part of the County of Kent. In 1849, Lambton County became an entity of its own, its name recognizing the Earl of Durham whose birthplace was Lambton Castle in England […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: Our ‘vanished villages’ revisited


  By BOB McCARTHY Lambton has, over the last few hundred years, been home to many communities, some of which still exist, some of which lasted for many years and others that only lasted a few years. I have found names with varying amounts of information for at least 160 communities in Lambton. Many […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: How the Fenian raids stimulated military enthusiasm in Lambton County

London Fusiliers in Sarnia during Fenian raids

By BOB McCARTHY Where in Lambton were two military drill sheds combined to create a community centre? More on that later. First, developing and settling the land for a new country has always provided opportunities for conflict. Such was the case when Canada West or as we now know it, South-western Ontario, was settled […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: The ‘shocking’ story of William ‘Tiger’ Dunlop


  By BOB McCARTHY In 1827, William "Tiger" Dunlop (19 November 1792 – 29 June 1848) opened the line of the Huron Road from Goderich to Guelph, providing access for settlers to a large tract of land in south-western Ontario comprising parts of modern Huron, Perth, Middlesex and Lambton Counties. Dunlop’s connection with Sarnia […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: Arkona history a keen part of our area’s lore


By BOB McCARTHY Did you know that there is a connection between the Village of Arkona and the title song for a popular hit movie of 1945 and between Arkona and the early career of a well known band leader? More about that below. Arkona was incorporated as a village on June 10th of […]

‘Voices from Lambton’: End of prohibition, part 2


The Scott Act provided for a local-option statute at the city or county level which could only come into effect when approved by voters during a municipal plebiscite. Lambton’s only Scott Act regime began on 1 May 1886 and lasted for three years, causing great despair and loss of sales for local hotel-keepers. Here in […]

‘Voices from Lambton’s Past’: Sarnia’s own brewery failed to survive two prohibitions


By BOB McCARTHY Unlike many other counties in Upper Canada, Lambton County never was home to a large number of producers of spiritous liquids during the 1800's. Perhaps because of the type of settler, many of whom abstained from alcohol; perhaps because the effect of strong  temperance supporters such a s Malcolm Cameron and […]

Photo of the Week: ‘Lawrence House’

19 Jan 2012 - Lawrence House - Bob McCarthy

  "Lawrence House" was taken by Bob McCarthy, a member of the Sarnia Photographic Club. For more information about the Sarnia Photographic Club, go to