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‘Voices of Lambton Past’: Part 1 of the story of the Talfourd brothers

Talfourd plaque

By Charlotte Vidal Nesbit Charlotte Vidal Nesbit, a grand-daughter of Captain Richard Emeric Vidal, R.N., contributed history based articles to the Sarnia Observer during the 1930s. Born here in the St. Clair River District, in 1908 she organized the Women's Canadian Historical Society in Sarnia and served as its president until at least her 90th […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: Part 2 of the ‘First Commercial Oil Well’ story


By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Hugh Nixon Shaw originally started out in the oil fields of Oil Springs with two partners, Harv Smiley and Jack Coryell, drilling on one acre of land leased from William Sanborn, an absentee American entrepreneur. Their agreement was to give one-third part of any earnings they might have to Mister […]

‘Voices from the Past’: The first commercial oil well is drilled, part 1


By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Hugh Nixon Shaw came to Oil Springs as a Methodist preacher anxious to find his fortune in the oil fields.  By the fall of 1860, he had become a laughing stock.  Many attempts to find oil ended up dry.  The deepest find to that date was about 65 feet, a […]

‘Voices from the Past’: The sinking of the Kate Bully

michigan-map-route-Kate Bully

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield The history of any community along the Great Lakes includes many stories about storms and the horrible losses in ships, cargo and lives that can result when these storms suddenly appear. On October 4, 1869, there was a severe storm on northern Lake Michigan that caused a ship to become […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Convict boxes, part 2

gallows-Lount&Matthews hanging2

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Last week’s story began in December of 1837 when George Barclay Junior was arrested and placed in jail along with 900 other insurgents and their supporters. During the long months they spent in prison, many of these men passed the time by carving small trinket boxes, many of the designs […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Prisoner boxes examined in Part 1 of this ‘looking back’ story

trinket box LHM

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield The rebellion in Upper Canada ended with the defeat and surrender of the insurgent forces at Montgomery's Tavern on December 7, 1837. Nearly 900 rebels and their supporters were gathered up and more than half of them were placed in the Toronto jail. Only a few were to face the […]

‘Voices from the Past’: the story of Old Clark, ‘Hermit of Moore’


By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Sometimes, I think all of us would like to break away from social conformity and live a life alone without any responsibilities. Such a man was Josiah Clark, known by some as ‘Old Clark’ or the ‘Hermit of Moore’. Let’s go back in time and visit with Rowland Whittett, by […]

Students discovering power of stories as Sarnia heads to Centennial year

bob mccarthy

Bob McCarthy, who writes the "Voices from the Past" series that appears Fridays in, visited Bright's Grove Public School Friday, where he conducted a workshop on storytelling for enrichment students who gather on a regular basis. Teacher Deborah Stewardson says many of the students have expressed a keen interest in writing, and McCarthy was […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Re-living Sarnia’s birth as a city in 1914


By BOB McCARTHY The Town of Sarnia, which would officially be proclaimed as the City of Sarnia on 7 May 1914, had boundaries that extended north to Exmouth Street, east to East Street, south to the Canadian National Railway tracks and Clifford Street and west to the St. Clair River, along whose banks the first […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Sarnia becomes city shortly after last town council meets

sarnia town hall

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Sarnia Becomes a City – Town of Sarnia Council – last meeting 27 April 1914 The first European settlers in Sarnia-Lambton were French, settling along la riviere de Ste Claire, likely deciding to move north from the area of Fort Detroit after it had been surrendered by British forces in […]