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Two arrested for metal theft last week

Copper is one type of metal often associated with metal theft

Last week, Sarnia Police arrested and charged two Sarnia men, 25 and 35, in relation to their alleged involvement in recent metal thefts. The suspects were arrested on Jun. 19 just before 9 p.m. at the Sarnia Police Service Headquarters on North Christina Street. Police said the pair has been charged with various offences including [...]

Update: Wanklin released from police custody

Kirk Allan Wanklin, the 52 year old man charged with the attempted murder of Steve Lithgow back in December 2011

Sarnia Police said Kirk Allan Wanklin, the 52-year-old man charged with the attempted murder of Steve Lithgow back in Dec. 2011, was released from custody on Jun. 22 on a new recognizance of bail. He was arrested on Apr. 26 in Windsor for Breach of Recognizance. Wanklin pled guilty to the breach charge and no [...]

Update: One dead in collision, another sent to hospital with serious injuries

One dead incollision, another sent to hospital with serious injuries

A tragic accident yesterday that's left one person dead and another severely injured has prompted an investigation by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit. Police said SIU has been brought in to the investigation in the aftermath of the death of a 35-year-old male motorcyclist who, after evading pursuing OPP officers on the 402, T-boned a female [...]

Sarnia’s nightlife and entertainment weekly rundown from for week of June 24, 2012

Calendar of Current Events and Michele Dionne, of, have teamed up to provide our readers with the most accurate, thorough weekly guide to Sarnia’s burgeoning nightlife and entertainment scenes as well as information about charity and other non-profit events. Each week, updates its readers with the latest information about what’s happening in and around Sarnia-Lambton. Highlights [...]

Seinfeld proved why he’s considered one of the greatest comedians of his generation when he came to town this week

Jerry Seinfeld comedy

The best comedian of our time, as many consider him, is forever immortalized in syndication standing in his kitchen, eating sugary cereal for dinner, in jeans and sneakers with his shirt un-tucked. But on a warm, balmy evening in June, in a town where nobody thought he'd ever heard about let alone come to perform, [...]

Sarnia Police investigating possible hit and run

Sarnia Police Service

Sarnia Police is currently investigating a possible hit and run collision that happened today, Jun. 22, at approximately 12:30 p.m. at the corner of Wellington and Ontario Streets in Sarnia. A 17-year-old male cyclist was apparently heading east on Wellington Street passing through the intersection of Ontario, Mitton and Wellington Streets. Police said as the [...]

Suspects break and enter into four downtown businesses last night

Break and Enter

Sarnia Police said that four downtown businesses were broken into last night between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. Police said all four businesses are located in and around the Christina Street & Lochiel Street area. Culprits allegedly entered each of the affected businesses by smashing the front door window glass. Once inside in all of [...]

Wawanosh Wetlands will receive much-needed facelift

Wawanosh wetlands

Three heavyweight, environmentally conscious organizations have teamed up to improve the infrastructure that maintains the thriving wetland at Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area. The Wawanosh Wetlands are 

Tar-like substance found at Centennial Park identified, summer events and festivals slated for park can go ahead

Substance identified at Centennial Park, City gives all clear for summer events and festivals to proceed as planned

The city has identified the once-mystery "tar-like" substance found at Centennial Park earlier this month and has given the all clear for summer events and festivals slated for the park to proceed as planned. The substance has been identified as coal tar, but the source and extent of the chemical is still being investigated by [...]

Local food bank releases Sarnia-Lambton hunger count results

Inn of the Good Shepherd Hunger Count 2012

Each year in March, food banks across Canada undertake an annual hunger count as a means of measuring the impact on their local community through the number of households served. This year’s survey included more detailed questions regarding income sources, housing, length of usage of the food bank, ages etc. In March, The Inn served [...]