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‘Voices from the Past’: A history lesson on one of Lambton’s earliest schools

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Because of its location at the southeast corner of Lambton and because it was not too far from the original Talbot settlement in Kent County, the south-east part of Lambton was settled earlier than most of the rest of the county. Euphemia, the smallest township in Lambton, at first known […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Samuel Smith—sentry, soldier, surveyor, settler

black locust trees planted by Randall Henderson

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Pictured: Black locust trees planted along Smith Falls Road. Canadians and Americans alike have all heard about the American War of Independence in the 1770s, or the Revolutionary War as it was referred to by people loyal to the British. A well-known American hero of this war was Paul Revere, […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Joe Little’s return to Lambton County

Uncle Joe

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Uncle Joe had started his mission to bring the word of God with the pioneer families in Lambton County. When he felt his mission was completed there by the early 1870’s, he devoted the next several years to bringing the word of God and hope and mercy to the people […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Uncle Joe Little, itinerate Lambton County preacher

Joseph Little

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield Joseph Russell Little (1812-1880) was a rigid total abstainer who fervently preached temperance to all he met. One of the best-loved figures of early Lambton history, he spent his life as an itinerant lay preacher from the Warwick area who traveled to all parts of Lambton from the 1830s to […]

Heritage on display tomorrow in Petrolia

Heritage Day 2011 will be celebrated in Petrolia on Saturday, Feb. 12.   The town's Heritage Committee is hosting an event at Victoria Hall from 1-4 p.m.   In keeping with the theme this year of "Our Historic Parks", the committee is asking anyone with historic pictures of parks in Petrolia to bring them so […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Early autos and the bicycle craze in Lambton County

Maxwell car

By BOB McCARTHY Eleven decades ago, during the year 1900, there were only two automobiles in Lambton County, both being brought into operation that year. Picture in your mind the roads of that time, many of them just corduroy roads, logs laid side by side and then covered by dirt and stones. Their roads […]

‘Voices from the Past’: the 1862 hanging of Thomas Cleary

Lambton County Courthouse and Gaol

By BOB McCARTHY Lambton Shield When the northerly half of the District of Kent was separated and designated as the County of Lambton in 1849, the county seat was established at Port Sarnia, the largest town in the new county. A local stone mason by the name of Alexander Mackenzie, the same man who helped […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Reflecting on winters of yesteryear

PeWinter copy

By Bob McCarthy The snow and cold this time of year can so easily create havoc for many on the roads of Lambton, but at least we have central heat and can remain protected most of the time from the elements. What did the cold and snow of winter mean to early settlers in […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Part 2 of Captain George Stirrett’s World War One memories

Military Cross

In last week's "Voices from the Past," Bob McCarthy began recalling a conversation he had with Captain George Stirrett (1891-1982) in the late 1970s. The story continues. In the fall of 1917, the Regiment moved back to an area near Ypres. Once again, mud and bad weather made mounted operations impossible. All of our men […]

‘Voices from the Past’: Part 1 of George Stirrett’s memories of World War One

George Stirrett Armoury (2)

Bob McCarthy During the late 1970s, I had the privilege of sitting with Captain George Stirrett (1891-1982) and listening to him tell me the story of his experiences during the years of what was known as The Great War, World War One. The following is his story, as it was told to me. The […]