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Woman ‘blows kiss’ at officer who recognizes her from video of theft

A woman who with a male are accused of theft from a Christina Street business on Saturday (March 30) was arrested later in the day after she “blew a kiss” to a Sarnia police officer on patrol in the Vidal Street/Devine Street area. The officer recognized the woman from video footage of the theft and [...]

Sarnia Police report 93 calls for service over weekend

Sarnia Police Service handled 93 calls for service during the last weekend of March. Officers also conducted 22 traffic stops for various traffic infractions. The calls include: 2 – 911 Hang Up Calls 6 – Alarm Calls 13 – Domestic/Family Disputes 10 – Motor Vehicle Collisions 4 – Disturb the Peace

Sarnia Police handled 112 calls over weekend

Sarnia Police Service handled 112 calls for service over the past weekend. Officers also conducted 23 traffic stops for various traffic infractions. The 112 calls included: 4 – 911 Hang Up Calls 10 – Alarm Calls 3 – Disturb the Peace 5 – Domestic/Family Disputes 3 – Motor Vehicle Collisions 7 – Noise Complaints

Pair arrested after break in, assault on homeowner

Sarnia Police say two men forced their way into a home in the south end of Sarnia during the early hours of Thursday (March 13), assaulting the lone occupant of the house, who was sleeping when the break in occurred. The incident began with the break in, and escalated to threats and an assault that [...]

Sarnia Police say first weekend in March a busy one

The first weekend of March was relatively busy for Sarnia Police. Officers handled 127 calls for service over the weekend. Officers also conducted 10 traffic stops for various traffic infractions. The 127 calls include: 6 –911 Hang Up Calls 16 – Alarms 5 – Disturb the Peace 15 – Domestic/Family Disputes 7 – Liquor Complaints [...]

Sarnia Police report busy night for one officer

An individual Sarnia Police officer had a busy Thursday night with three separate arrests being made, both involving drugs or drug paraphernalia. In the first incident, which occurred around 9 p.m., the officer saw what he believed to be a drug transaction taking place in the London and Murphy Road area of the city. The [...]

Discovery of fake but realistic looking weapons concerns Sarnia Police

Replica guns seized in a drug bust by Sarnia Police. The picture below is one of a real gun, shown for comparison.

A drug bust Monday afternoon in the 100 block of Euphemia Street in Sarnia resulted more than just the arrest of a 27-year-old city man and marijuana worth about $1,800. Sarnia Police say the discovery of two BB guns, each of which closely resemble actual firearms, is of “great concern.” The guns found resemble a HK [...]

Sarnia man faces 15 sex-related charges dating back five years

Sarnia Police say an ongoing investigation has resulted in a 34-year-old city man facing 15 sex-related charges dating back to 2009. The man, identified by police as Mathew Stan Matej, was arrested on Feb. 13, 2014. He is charged with two counts of Invitation to Sexual Touching, 1 count of Indecent Exposure, 6 counts Sexual [...]

Burned out headlight leads to drug arrest

What began as an attempted routine traffic stop on Talfourd Street Friday night ended with the arrest of a 26-year-old Sarnia man The accused is said to have fled police but was arrested after turning into a driveway. Police say a search revealed some 60 hydromorphone tablets and 14 grams of cocaine, all with a street [...]

Sarnia Police report 149 calls for service over weekend

Sarnia Police Responded to 149 calls for service over the weekend. Officers also conducted 33 traffic stops for various highway traffic infractions. The 149 calls include: 6 – 911 Hang Up Calls 8 – Alarms 17 Domestic/Family Disputes 5 – Motor Vehicle Collisions 4 – Assaults 5 – Noise Complaints 10 – Disturb The Peace