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OPINION: Time to take the medicine (and you thought Harris was bad)

OPINION: By Matt McEachran Cuts will have to be deeper than the ones Mike Harris brought in, and last longer, much longer. That in a nut shell is the latest verdict of Ontario’s economy, released Wednesday by Don Drummond. Normally I’d love to say “I told you so” but this is one time I wish […]

Letter to the Editor: Of Hospitals & Prison Culture

While it’s not a new topic of discussion in Ontario, we’ve heard a lot of talk in the last while about hospitals and public health spending. A rocky economy and two elections in 2011 and now some additional revelations about health CEO perks and salaries show us that the conversation isn’t going to cease anytime […]

OPINION: The problem with bullying isn’t quite as simple as you might think

OPINION By MATT McEACHRAN Ontario’s new anti-bullying legislation is going to give school principals the power to expel bullies. It’s a great idea. Bullies who repeatedly bully children should be expelled. There is no room for that behaviour at school. We certainly shouldn’t be letting one bully ruin the school life for any, or many, […]

Fairness goes both ways

OPINION By MATT McEACHRAN Apparently Ontario is in some kind of financial trouble? And massive amounts of increased spending won’t make it any better? These startling revelations come from our very own Premier McGuinty a few days ago, coincidently just a few short weeks after the election. You remember the election; it was the one […]