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Voices from Lambton’s Past: Driving tour #4

1900s Walpole Island Ferry

By BOB McCARTHY As the weather improves, we all begin to think about going out for an afternoon drive. Back in 1999, at the time of Lambton County’s sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) my wife and I drove all over our county, searching out historic points of interest. The result was four driving tours of Lambton […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: The origin of Plank Road (part 1)


  By BOB McCARTHY The Florence and Sarnia Plank Road was built at a cost of forty thousand dollars, half from Sarnia, with the rest put up by Malcolm Cameron, George Durand and other gentlemen, using their own money. Started in late fifty-eight, the new road was finished by summer of fifty-nine. The main […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: the beginning of Sarnia’s airport

snowbird (5)

  By BOB McCARTHY Did you know that there was a Hadfield connection with the Sarnia Airport long before Chris Hadfield became one of Canada’s astronauts? I will tell you about that in a moment, but first let me tell you about the early days of the Sarnia Airport. In 1951, William Moon moved […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: How our county got its name

John George Lambton

  By BOB McCARTHY The area now known as Lambton County was at first a part of the District of Hesse and later a part of the County of Kent. In 1849, Lambton County became an entity of its own, its name recognizing the Earl of Durham whose birthplace was Lambton Castle in England […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: Our ‘vanished villages’ revisited


  By BOB McCARTHY Lambton has, over the last few hundred years, been home to many communities, some of which still exist, some of which lasted for many years and others that only lasted a few years. I have found names with varying amounts of information for at least 160 communities in Lambton. Many […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: How the Fenian raids stimulated military enthusiasm in Lambton County

London Fusiliers in Sarnia during Fenian raids

By BOB McCARTHY Where in Lambton were two military drill sheds combined to create a community centre? More on that later. First, developing and settling the land for a new country has always provided opportunities for conflict. Such was the case when Canada West or as we now know it, South-western Ontario, was settled […]

‘Voices of Lambton’s Past’: Author’s books would make great gift

By BOB McCARTHY An Ontario Historical Plaque in Mackenzie Park along the St. Clair River reads: THE FOUNDING OF SARNIA The French-speaking families of Ignace Cazelet, Jean-Baptiste Paré and Joseph LaForge arrived here 1807-1810. Other settlers, many of Scottish descent, came in 1832-1834 following the 1829 survey of Sarnia Township. A community called "The […]