‘To the inhabitants of the County of Lambton’

Alexander Mackenzie, who became Canada's second prime minister, penned these words in the very first issue of the Lambton Shield, published on Friday, Jan. 9, 1852. Presented with the help of Bob McCarthy, now a contributing editor to the new LambtonShield.com.

The establishment of a newspaper, as may easily be conceived, is an under-taking involving considerable risk. Of many it may appropriately be said, “that they are born to die.” Yet, not withstanding of this mortality, especially during infancy, through unaccountable apathy of multitudes to the vast advantages of a well-conducted paper, there is a host which has survived to display a vigorous maturity, to enjoy a flattering prosperity and to yield a mighty influence over the destinies of man.

In taking this position in the midst of this company, for a premature death or pro-longed existence, there is the announcement made to the inhabitants of this rising County of the establishment of a new Journal, which shall be especially and warmly devoted to the protection of their rights, and the advancement of their interests, and we look to them for their encouragement and support.

Contrary to the usual custom, we have not issued a prospectus; preferring rather to present the Shield itself to the public, that they may be able to handle that which they are respectfully solicited to maintain.
The Lambton Shield will be a confrontational but unflinching advocate of Progressive Reform in every department. Civil Government is merely a mean to an end, and that end the happiness and prosperity of the whole population; and it is unquestionably the duty of every man to use the utmost efforts to render that mean as perfectly responsible, and to neutralize the labors of those who seek its corruption.
Responsible Government is the only mode of conducting the affairs of this highly important colony, so as to establish and secure civil and religious equality among our fellow citizens; and hence it is the system which this Journal will advocate. 

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