United Way nearing 75% of campaign goal

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Executive Director
United Way of Sarnia-Lambton

With the chili lunches, BBQs and a variety of other fundraising lunches coming to an end, the United Way finds itself with just under $500,000 yet to raise to reach the $1.85 million goal.

We have reached 73.5% of our goal and thanks to about 5,000 donors, we have raised $1,360,000 as of Monday morning.

Later this week, we expect the results of the NOVA employee campaign and the LANXESS employee campaign which combined with the company matches, donations will hopefully cover half of the difference left to reach goal.  Both the NOVA and LANXESS campaigns will wrap up at the end of the week and are the largest two employee campaigns yet to finish their fundraising this year.  After that, we’ll be relying on individual donors and several other small and medium sized companies and workplaces.

Retirees from both NOVA and LANXESS will have until December 1, 2011 to have their donations matched by their former company.

The campaign continues to track slightly ahead of last year as it did all season long, but now we are at the crunch of the campaign.  I have always said that the last 10 or 15% of the campaign is more difficult to raise than the first 85%.  We do have a number of workplaces still running, and in fact, some have just kicked off which is usual for those campaigns.

Lambton College employees’ campaign is one such campaign that usually kicks off later and this year will run both an online campaign as well as a traditional campaign with canvassers.  Last year, the College staff and students raised almost $12,000 so we would hope they can match last year's totals.

Just as Lambton College and a few others such as Curran Construction are just beginning their campaigns, there are several others that are nearly wrapped up.  Tepperman's for example traditionally have strong participation and are expected to wrap up this week.  Many of the government employee campaigns are also ready to finalize their fundraising.

Perhaps the largest of the employee campaigns running are the OLG campaigns at both the Point Edward Casino and Hiawatha Race Track Slots, and the LCBO.  For a number of years, these campaigns have done well and combined strong employee pledging with a mix of highly successful special events.

The County of Lambton and Sarnia city hall are also in the final days of their campaigns as well.

 The 2011 campaign will wrap up at the end of the year.

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