Half Life 2 VR Mod Released on Steam in Open Beta

The Half Life 2 VR mod has been released on Steam in an open beta and is a fan-created VR experience that will allow gamers to experience the game in full virtual reality. It has been in various stages of development for over a decade, but the team behind the mod is finally ready to release it for free to the public.

The mod features a variety of new features, including a fully immersive room-scale VR experience. In addition, it includes tracked motion controls, allowing players to move around the game environment, pick up objects, and climb ladders. It also adds two-handed weapons and full support for left-handed players.

The team isn’t finished with the mod, though. There are more planned updates in the works, including episodic support and a complete overhaul of weapons and movement. They also plan to overhaul maps and assets to make the game feel more comfortable in the VR environment. They also plan to bring two of the game’s add-on episodes to VR.

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