Irish Miracle ready to go this Saturday

Lambton Shield file photo.
Lambton Shield file photo.

It’s more than 300 or more students from St. Patrick’s Catholic High School in Sarnia getting together to bring hope and joy to people who might not otherwise have a Christmas blessing.

They’re receiving a blessing themselves.

That’s part of what makes the latest Irish Miracle just that–a miracle.

For grade 12 students Theresa Stoesser (left in photo) and Jocelyn Newman (also pictured), giving comes naturally. Indeed, Jocelyn has been involved for five years now and will have at least two students from St. Pat’s sister school, St. Christopher’s, on her team.

And both are members of the Irish Miracle organizing committee.

The students hope to pick up some 6,000 bags from homes throughout Sarnia, Point Edward and Bright’s Grove, enlisting the help of some “feeder” school elementary students along the way.

The food donated will go to the needy through the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s hamper program.

Homeowners who wish to donate but can’t be home at that time (or want simply to speed up the process) can leave bags of canned goods on their doorstep.

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