Military helicopters begin the rescue in Lambton

griffon helicopter
Canadian Forces helicopters have begun to pluck stranded motorists from highway 402.
So far, the Griffon choppers have been able to rescue about 20 people and drop them off at the Farigrounds in Wyoming which has been opened as a warming centre by the Township of Plympton-Wyoming or at Chris Hadfield Airport in Sarnia.
"It's not something we're used to seeing in Wyoming," said Lambton County Communications Coordinator Darlene Coke, referring to the military shuttle hovering over the village.
Coke is a resident of Wyoming.
The military was called in following the declaration of a State of Emergency by Lambton Warden Steve Arnold just before 10 p.m. last night.
The decision was made after it was revealed that more than 300 motorists were stranded in their vehicles along the highway from the overpass near Warwick Village to Sarnia.
Highway 402 remains closed in both directions from the Blue Water Bridge to London.
Meantime, Sarnia Lambton MPP Bob Bailey is reminding residents to look out for each other. He suggests checking on elderly neighbours, especially those in areas without power.
Bluewater Power and Hydro One is reporting that power has been restored to areas in and around Inwood, Brigden, Oil Springs and Oil City. But, about 300 customers remain without power in an area north of Dresden in Dawn-Euphemia Township between Bentpath and Lambton Lines.
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(Photo of CH146 Griffon helicopter courtesy Canadian Forces Website)

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  • Joe Black

    I am an American car hauler who was stuck on the 402 for 25 hours.I was on my way from Detroit to Oakville and Thornhill.I am home now and have been reading many blogs of Canadians bashing their Goverment for the way they responded to this disaster personally I think they did a good job under the conditions handed to them,as a professional driver of 20 years I checked the weather Sunday afternoon for Monday all’s I got was light snow.I also want to say it didn’t matter if you where American Canadian or from Mars we were all just people trying to make it threw a bad time