Nightingale Chorus does it again in its ‘Believe’ presentation at Imperial Theatre

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The Nightingale Chorus has done it again, not only celebrating its 15 years' in style, but wowing a near-sold out audience at Sarnia's Imperial Theatre with its "Believe" presentation, with tonight (Saturday, Dec. 11) being the last performance.

Director Carrie Beauchamp, who not only co-wrote the production (with Karoline Lobsinger) but performs (as Mrs. Moore), also teamed up with Nicole Soulard in the choreography. If that weren't enough, Beauchamp also accompanied Stephanie Smith when she wasn't on stage.

The story is that of Suzie (played by Lauren Miller), who at first struggles with the "magic of Christmas" (and her brother Thomas, played by Andrew Percival), but ultimately sees just how powerful belief can be.

And yes, that anything is possible.

With 30 female and 24 male singers, the Nightingale Chorus presentation also included 32 very talented children and 35 young adults, making the Imperial stage at times a very busy place to be.

To the credit of cast and crew, the scene changes were handled flawlessly at the Thursday performance.

Suzie's mother (played by Robin Rigby), helps Suzie in her quest for the answer to "true meaning" at Christmas, even while Thomas' friends–Joseph (played by Devon Laird) and William (Korey Broad)–act like . . . well, typical boys.

Even as the story plays out, the Nightingale Chorus and the Choir–directed by John Reid and with Alexi Czyczurko, Kier Mackay, Hannah Fader, Paisley Wood, Vivienne Ross, Andrew Pacquette, Julie Burrows, Erica D'Andrea and Katie Johnston–present a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Travellers Martin Ager, Phil Beauchamp, Mike Crabb and Malcolm Lawson add to the magic of "Believe" and the Orphans–played by Hannah Ebron, Hailey Munro, Erika McLauchlin, Katie McPhee, Isabella Fermin and Kristin Palombo–and led by Pat Palmer are an integral part of the "Believe" story.

The Lollipop Girl (Moulan Bourke) and Mrs. Anderson (Kathy Anderson) round out the cast of "Believe."

If you're fortunate enough to have secured a ticket, you won't be disappointed.

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