Petrolia wants relief from the cost of the storm

petrolia line-tuesday
Petrolia will look to the province to help with some costs from last week's snow storm that dumped piles of snow on the region and stranded hundreds of motorists, including some who were housed at a warming centre in the hard oil town.
But, exactly how much will be applied is not immediately known.
"We don't have a specific figure yet," said Scott Gawley, director of corportate services/treasurer. "We're still adding up the bills."
Meanwhile at Monday's council meeting in Petrolia, Mayor John McCharles opened the proceedings by thanking all of those who stepped up to help out in the time of emergency.
"I'm very proud of Petrolia," he said. "The town opened its arms to those in need."
The county is also looking for some relief from additional expenditures due to the storm.  County Council will meet in special session on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. to discuss the situation.

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