Provincial Police investigate a trashing of a home in rural Lambton County

Lambton OPP is investigating after a house in a rural area of southern Lambton County was trashed in the past week.
Authorities say the residence in the 400 block of Dawn Mills Road, just south of Rutherford in Dawn-Euphemia Township, was broken into sometime between noon last Sunday (Dec. 26) and 4 p.m. yesterday. (Dec. 30)
Police say the culprit or culprits stolen $46,000 worth of electronics and property and caused an estimated $100,000 damage to the home by making holes in the drywall and damaging water pipes, allowing water to fill the residence.
Anyone with any information about this break and enter is to contact Lambton OPP or Crime Stoppers.
Below is a list of items reported missing as supplied to by Lambton OPP.
  • 8 assorted Klipch and RSW speakers,
  • a 55’ Toshiba LED TV,
  • a Pioneer Elite VTX49 receiver,
  • a Samsung blue ray player,
  • a Toshiba HD DVD player, and Onkyo DVD player,
  • a Sony Playstation 3 with 5 games,
  • an XBOX 360 with 9 games,
  • a Techniques equalizer and cassette deck,
  • a Harmon Kardon cassette deck,
  • a Teac reel to reel player and tapes,
  • a Sansuie turn table,
  • over 500 assorted DVDs and HD DVDs,
  • over 150 Blue Ray discs
  • and over 300 assorted CDs.

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