Provincial police warn New Year’s Eve party goers not to drink and drive

If you plan to ring in the New Year by consuming alcoholic beverages, the Lambton OPP detachment encourages you to plan ahead.
If you blow in the warn range – a blood alcohol content between 50 mgs and 80 mgs – you now face a 3-day driver’s licence suspension. If you are found to be over the legal limit you face a 90 day driver’s licence suspension, a court appearance and your vehicle is impounded for 90 days. All of these penalties are inconvenient and costly.
Also, RIDE programs will be set up tonight to continue to ensure the safety of all motorists tonight and into 2011.
As a public service,, in conjunction with area police offer these suggestions to help you and your friends have a safe New Years.
a)  Use a Designated Driver. The designated driver should not consume any alcoholic beverages. Always choose a vehicle with enough seat belts to accommodate everyone in your group.
b)  Hire a taxi or use another form of public transit. (see post below on LambtonShield outlining free transit service in Sarnia tonight) Have money tucked away specifically for transportation, and it is always a good idea to carry the phone number of the nearest taxi service with you.
c)  If you are hosting a large event, consider providing transportation for your guests. Hire sober drivers with vans or a bus to ensure everyone gets safely to and from the event.
d)  Babysitters should plan to stay over or have a sober driver pick you up. Please do not accept a ride from anyone who has been consuming alcoholic beverages.

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