Read carefully, tread cautiously with ‘door-to-door’

A series of complaints regarding "aggressive" door-to-door salespersons, the most recent from the Wyoming and Petrolia area, has prompted Lambton OPP to issue a statement urging homeowners to "read before signing" and ask for their permit.

"Although their sales tactics are aggressive and they don’t like to take ‘no’ for an answer, this is a legitimate company," said the release, referring to the energy company in question. "You are encouraged to read the literature, and have a full understanding of the terms of agreement before you commit to any sales pitch."

The OPP release cautioned against residents letting the representatives into the home. "You are under no obligation to show them any bills or answer any personal questions you don’t feel comfortable answering. In some municipalities, a permit is required to go door to door so feel free to ask to see the permit if you live in one of these locations.  If you ask these folks to leave your property and they refuse to do so, contact the police and we will help you convince them to move along."

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