Sarnia council asks for future costs of fluoridation

Lambton Shield

At the Sarnia City Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, Councillor Andy Bruziewicz asked and received council's agreement for a motion to determine what "significant capital expenditures," including training and other costs the city might incur related to fluoridation of the water system.
Bruziewicz said the issue related to an incident involving a spill of fluoride that occurred in 1993. He said he had concerns over how long it might be before potentially expensive upgrades to the system might be and what those costs would entail.
Staff were asked to determine what those costs could be by contacting the Lambton Area Water Supply System, which provides drinking water to the city as well as surrounding communities.

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  • Jim Schultz

    Many times cost over runs happen. Fluoridation chemicals are very corrosive and destructive to pipes even at dilution strengths. They are used in industry to leach lead from brass,copper and anything else. They do the same in your homes pipes. Want more lead in your water then fluoridation is the ticket.
    Marc Edwards at top Corrosion expert from Virginia Tech said fluoridation especially combined with chloramine causes tens of billions in damage to pipes and water and mold damage from those leaks.
    It is not just the cost of the chemical but all of the side effects that cost you.
    Sadly ingested fluoride do not reduce cavities either but do increase discolored enamel. this is a lose lose for cities and the citizens. gives the facts and science. Waterloo is ending fluoridation after they voted it down. Trust government less and verify claims with research. Good luck