Sarnia police: beware of holiday scammers

There are grinches among us.
That’s the conclusion of Sarnia Police as they report several scammers attempting to defraud citizens of their hard-earned dollars over the holidays.
“Scammers like to take advantage of you at the time of the year when people are in a generous mood,” says Constable Bill Baines, noting there are three scams making the rounds in our area in recent weeks.
In the first instance, scammers are calling olders residents and telling they are a lost grandchild in need of money. The second is an online sales scam where someone contacts you to buy an item you have for sale online. They send you a cheque or money order for more than the purchase price and ask you to return them the difference. Of course, the original cheque or money order is fraudulent and by cashing it, you are then responsible for the balance.
And thirdly, there are reports of a company offering free duct cleaning and once they are in your home chances are they will find something wrong with your heating/air conditioning system resulting in expensive repairs. They might also want to get inside your home to look around for some other illegal activity.
“Ask questions,” cautions Constable Baines. “And if it sounds to be good to be true, it likely is,” he added.

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