So, you think you can write? may be the spot . . .

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Less than a month since the Website went "live," is getting ready to increase its stable of writers–especially people who want to advance the vision of the local news Website.

"When the idea behind was first conceived, it was about advancing the opportunity to contribute to the fabric of the community we serve,' said Publisher/Editor J.D. Booth, a resident of Sarnia-Lambton for 25 years.

"Our model is growing and it's time we 'spread the net' as far as our contributors are concerned."

As a starting point, is "sending out the invitations," notably to three major groups of potential contributors.

Outstanding in their Field

"One group includes people who have either a special interest, whether that be vocational or hobby," said Booth. "We want to be careful not to limit what that might be, other than we intend to keep our primary focus on things local. In some cases, that might simply be that we are able to offer a local perspective on what a writer chooses to tackle."

Got Something to Say?

A second group of contributors are those who believe they simply have something useful to say–an opinion or perhaps an argument for policy change. "We intend to categorize those contributions–and we are looking for a variety of voices on–as such; a point of view or opinion," added Booth.

The Next Generation

The third category of contributors is one that Booth says may be the most exciting of all.

"We want to reach out to young people–most likely high school age but perhaps even younger–who have an interest in journalism, the art of telling a story in ways that excite their audience," he said. "Part of our vision from the start was (and is) to reach out to those who will form the next generation of writers and we believe would be a great showcase for them."

Where do you get started? E-mail J.D. Booth with a brief outline of your interest, qualifications and (yes) passion. We'll get back you in short order.

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