Update: Highway 402 closed. Police advise everyone to stay home!

Highway 402 Closed 

Stay home!

That's the simple, straightforward message from area police as the region continues to be in the grasp of a winter storm.

Highway 402 from the border to east of the Lambton County line has now been closed in both directions.
Lambton OPP Constable John Reurink says driving conditions are 'ridiculous'
All schools have been closed today and most meeting and events have been postponed as well.  Readers to LambtonShield.com are advised to call ahead before venturing out today.
Bluewater Recycling has cancelled pickup in Oil Springs today.  It has been rescheduled to Friday.  And, Waste Management will not picking up garbage or recyclables in Petrolia today either.
Ontario Hydro is tending to outages affecting about 300 customers, mainly in St. Clair and Dawn-Euphemia Township and Bluewater Power is dealing with some spotty outages, including one at the Northgate Plaza.
Meantime, the winter storm warning remains in effect for Sarnia-Lambton with a gusty northwest wind up to 80 km/hr. to blow around the snow we already have.

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  • NJ

    friends have been stopped since 9 am this morning, stranded on the 402 going to Port Huron, for more than 5 hours, due to road closures…not supposed to let up…. going to be there awhile… have depleted their water and girl guide cookies, now on to the chocolate smoothies….